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Entrance Requirements

  1. Official Birth Certificate
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Health Records - Proof of Immunization
    Three phase Hepatitis B is required, if entering from outside our school district.  The series must start prior to entry.
  4. Two proofs of residence
    This is court ordered to estabilish residence with the attendance zone.
  5. Parent must accompany student when enrolling in school.  Student must reside with legal parent or guardian.  No temporary or provisional custody will be accepted.
  6. Withdrawal form and address of the last school attended.  If possible, bring a copy of your last report card from the previous school year and any other record from the school that might be helpful

Voluntary Transfer of Custody by Jurisdiction

You can obtain Voluntary Transfer of Custody by Court Jurisdiction through an attorney or legal aid. 

Legal Aid


720 Travis Street

Shreveport, La 71101