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Dress Code

Minden High School Dress Code 2019-2020


It is the responsibility of each student to use good judgment in one’s total appearance as to not distract from the purpose of the school. Cleanliness is a basic consideration. Any form of dress or appearance that disrupts, distracts, is revealing, unsafe, or obscene will not be allowed. Minden High School has a student uniform policy for all students. The uniform gives the school a positive and distinctive identity, promotes school safety, and reflects the values of the school and community. All students are required to wear uniforms each day except for those days designated as “non-uniform” days at the discretion of the school administration.

The administration has the authority in determining appropriate or inappropriate attire or appearance. A student found out of dress code will be required to call home to get the correct uniform. He/she will not be allowed to go to class until he/she is in the correct uniform.


 SHIRTS                                Students MUST wear the school-approved uniform t-shirt, uniform long-sleeved t-shirt, and/or uniform sweatshirt Monday through Thursday. These items may be purchased through Minden Athletic. T-shirts and long-sleeved t-shirts must be tucked in.


PANTS/SHORTS               Only khaki and navy blue traditional uniform style pants/shorts/skirts are

SKIRTS/SKORTS              acceptable. They must have belt loops and be worn with a belt that is visible at all times. 

JUMPERS                            Shorts and skirts must be no more than 2” above the kneecap. Plaid uniform skirts are not

allowed. Pants must remain hemmed at the bottom. Denim nor stretch style/leggings are not allowed.


SHOES/SOCKS                  A full style closed-toe and closed-heel shoe must be worn.  Male students must wear socks with the shoes. Female students may wear socks or hose. Sandals and Croc-style shoes of any kind are NOT allowed. All shoes must have a hard sole.


BELTS                                  A correct sized belt must be worn and be visible at the waist looped through belt loops.


SWEATSHIRTS                 Students MUST wear the school approved uniform t-shirt under the approved MHS uniform sweatshirt at any time the sweatshirt is worn during the year.  

Hoodies are NOT allowed at any time. Only the school-approved uniform sweatshirt or the school-approved uniform jacket may be worn over the school-approved uniform t-shirt.


JACKETS/COATS            School-approved uniform jackets may be worn inside any building at MHS at any time. The jacket is non-hooded, gray with a full zip up, with an embroidered MHS logo on the left chest. Jackets may be purchased from area retailers or may be purchased independently, but all jackets must meet the specifications of the uniform jacket. Uniform jackets are optional and not required. A letterman jacket may be worn inside the school by juniors and/or seniors who have earned one through their extracurricular activity by being on the varsity team for at least two years in a row in the same activity. Once a student has earned a letterman jacket, the parent/guardian may choose to purchase a letterman jacket for their child under the coach/sponsor’s direction.


HEADWEAR                      Caps, hats, hoods, scarves, bandanas, and other head-coverings of any kind are NOT allowed on campus and may not be worn at any time while at school. If the weather is below 50 degrees, a stocking hat may be worn OUTSIDE as needed.


UNDERSHIRTS                 MHS school color undershirts may be worn under the uniform t-shirts. However, only the school-approved                                                                 uniform shirt may be worn under the school-approved uniform sweatshirt. This ensures students are always in dress code.


SPIRIT DAYS                      Fridays are spirit days. Students may wear standard, appropriately-sized BLUE jeans with an approved                                                                 school organization spirit t-shirt/spirit jacket/spirit pullover in MHS school colors. No colored jeans or jeans with any type of holes are allowed. Other dress code regulations are applicable. If shorts are worn, they must be uniform shorts. Denim shorts are not allowed. Hoodie are NEVER allowed on campus.




* Student attire should be modest and appropriate in length, fit, and design.

* Sufficient underclothing is required.

* Sagging garments will not be permitted.

* Shirttails must be tucked in at all times during the school day. (This is a safety issue and will be required daily.)

* Students are required to wear school uniforms despite any condition or circumstance unless deemed necessary with an approved doctor’s excuse.

* Unnatural hair color (purple, green, blue, bright red, etc.) will not be permitted.

* Excessively large jewelry will not be permitted on any student.

* Facial piercings such as nose rings, eye rings, facial piercings, or other types of visible body piercings other than earrings are not permitted. The use of a Band-Aid to cover piercings is not permitted.

* Facial hair for male students is limited to a neatly trimmed mustache, beard, or goatee.

* Sideburns may not extend below the lobe of the ear.

* Flip flops, sandals, Crocs, see-through, or mesh style shoes are not permitted.

* Hoods/caps/ any headwear may NOT be worn on campus. If weather is below 50 degrees, a stocking hat may be worn OUTSIDE as needed.


Penalties will include calling home to get correct clothing, lunch detention, and suspension for continued violations. Prohibited hats, jackets, sweatshirts, and pullovers etc. will be confiscated and will not be returned until a parent/guardian picks it up. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to retrieve the confiscated item. *If a teacher asks a student to remove a prohibited article of clothing or to correct a dress-code violation and the student refuses, administration will act on the offense as willful disobedience.  Students are expected to comply with reasonable requests of school employees, teachers, and administration at all times.